Our Pastor

Nakamura Yoji

牧師:中村 陽志





著書 「心の居場所が見つかれば人生はいつでもやり直せる」(マガジンハウス)

   「キリストさん」と呼ばれて 支援の現場から宣教を考える (いのちのことば社)共著


      Born and raised in Fukuoka, Pastor Nakamura first heard the gospel when invited to coffee in junior high. He accepted Jesus as his savior and was baptized that day. After serving as youth pastor at Fukuoka Harvest Church, he moved to Kumamoto with his family in 2002 and started Kumamoto Harvest Church. He pastors there today with his wonderful partner and wife, surrounded by their 3 beautiful daughters and energetic son.


      Today he serves as Vice Chairman at Kyushu Christ Disaster Relief Center, part-time lecturer at Kumamoto YMCA Institute, Chaplain at Kumamoto Prison, Member of Japan Pentecostal Fellowship, advocate and follower of Elijah House.

       Author “If you find where your heart belongs, you can reclaim your life” (Magazine House Publishers)

“Being called Mr. Christ”— a look at missions through disaster relief(Inochi no Kotobasha publishers)

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